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As health care practitioners, we like to think of ourselves as detectives of sorts. We like to work out why you keep getting that pain in the back, that allergic rash or wheezey cough. Using a technique called kinesiology we can use your muscles to help determine the source of the problem.


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It never ceases to amaze me how much better I feel after being adjusted. Not that I was “bad” or in pain before but there is a kind of synergy that happens when your body is running well. All your organs and glands run via your nervous system. So when something is “wrong” in your spine – you can affect limbs, muscles, organs, glands or even skin. I had a patient who had injured his ankle 18 months earlier and it couldn’t get back to normal.


After it (the ankle) was adjusted it was a lot better and never bothered him again. Now of course if you’re not in a good headspace you can’t possible expect your body to feel good. So for example if you are very anxious or stressed your stomach can be affected.


So you may feel like there is a brick in your stomach and you lack appetite. Often you will get a headache or your head will feel too heavy for your neck. Your neck muscles (flexors) relate to your stomach. So all these things can affect your spine. T6 (6th thoracic vertebra) also relates to stomach. Some people who have acid reflux will get a pain in their back at the same time. So your spine works in a way like a fuse box.


If you overload a circuit it will “blow”. So unless you reduce the load (turn something off) the fuse will blow again after you turn it on. This is why sometimes when you got to have an adjustment/treatment and the adjustment doesn’t hold – or it goes “out” again. We need to look at what is behind that fuse blowing. Using your muscles we can ask was it stress, toxicity, nutrition or allergy.



There is a lot to be said for eating whole foods. This means eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course organic is ideal, and home grown is great because you know exactly what had happened to your food. We should eat mainly vegetables – ½ cooked and ½ raw. Followed by (not necessarily each meal in that order) beans/lentils/legumes and fruit. Then come eggs, fish, chicken, and meat and rarely should we eat oils and sugars.


So take a long hard look at what goes in your mouth! Any “crap” in has got to come out. Of course we all drink plenty of good quality water don’t we?! (I hope you are all nodding vigorously!)


Now sometimes we may be short on a particular nutrient- either due to stress, genetic malfunctions of our DNA (in born errors or metabolism), toxicity or allergy. Using your muscles we can determine which body systems are under pressure. Each meridian has muscles that relate to it. When we need a nutrient, those nutrients will strengthen the weak muscle.


There was a patient who had panic attacks. We found that she needed magnesium. The magnesium was a key factor in helping with panic attacks. It is also important to test which type suits the person. Some people’s bodies are very particular.


Let’s talk about stress. There is a good and bad in everything. If we didn’t have some stress we wouldn’t bother to get out of bed in the morning. If we have too much stress we become paralysed and unable to perform at our best. All feelings are chemicals. We react to those chemicals just like we can react to red jelly beans or peanuts or shellfish. Some reactions are mild some are extreme. We become like Pavlov’s dog: who became trained by a ringing bell before food – so much so that as soon as the bell was rung the dogs would salivate (dribble).


So when we are triggered by other people’s action we react in our same old patterns (that we hate!) and feel trapped. We can use muscle testing to find those patterns and reset the body to the feelings to help us lose the reaction to the feeling.


One patient in particular was caught in unhappy patterns as we clear the active meridian/organ system of it's pass stresses it’s amazing to see the change in this patient as they return for treatment. They reported people treating then more respectfully and I have noticed weight loss and definitely more confidence. Other patients may have a rash or a sore knee which may be reacting to stress. I can count the times that there things have cleared when you remove the stressful blocks.


For myself, the first time I attended a seminar to deal with the stresses I volunteered myself at the front of the seminar to work on my issue with finance. It came back to me being a 4 your old child who felt she had to stop her parents from fighting (which is too much for a 4 year old of course). But this was the same feeling I had about my finance. My practice changed dramatically after this experience. This is the perfect opportunity to change old habits and patterns and create new ones.

Toxicity or rubbish in our body can cause many problems. Toxins occur in our environment and in our bodies. Sometimes they are self induced. There is a lot of environmental toxicity. Apparently there is approximately 30 billion tons of mercury in the atmosphere and we are all breathing it in. Many of our foods are packaged in aluminium. Did you know that orange juice makes the aluminium 1000% more bioavailable? A lot of clothes have formaldehyde.


One patient had a rash for 18 months after wearing a new jacket. Make sure you always wash your new clothes before you wear them! When you eat fish you need to check where the fish was living – if it comes from Alaska or Tasmania it is less likely to contain poisons. I had a patient who was losing her hair.


She ate a lot of tuna – she tested to have mercury. Another patient owned a fish shop and she also had mercury. Her symptoms were leg and arm pain – also very poor energy. Toxins come in daily through our shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste etc. Some chemicals you should look out for are sodium laureth sulphate, benzene (e.g. sodium benzoate etc), propyl alcohol, propylene glycol, PE (poly ethylene glycol).


For some people fluoride is a toxin as are artificial sweetners. Mobile phones and computers are toxic to many people also. Please place your mobile at least 1 metre away from your head/body at night. We can check via muscle testing if you are having a problem with toxicity.