Founded by chiropractor Tanya Ormsby in1994, A1 Health is one of the most respected chiropractic clinics  in Sydney.



Hi I’m Tanya Ormsby. I’ve been a chiropractor for 34 years.


I was introduced to Chiropractic through my chiropractor while studying a Science degree. I had eczema as a kid and went through the whole not sitting on the mats with the other kids, cortisone ointment and scratching.


A friend of my mums was into natural health and dragged my mother and I to the naturopath. I was taken off dairy and the eczema left. After that my mum went grass and nuts. I would’ve swapped my whole lunch for a biscuit at times. But when I had an earache she fasted me and then I didn’t get sick for about 6 years.


I was very interested in chiropractic when my chiropractor mentioned to me that I could do chiropractic with a science degree. So there commenced my journey of health learning. I finished chiropractic in the same year I got married. I worked for a year but was 6 months pregnant by the end of that year. I had the first baby naturally but in hospital. I worked part time with one baby and fell pregnant with number 2. I then only treated people at home, who were brave enough.


I fell pregnant rather quickly with number 3. So 3 kids in 3 years and 3 months made it fairly hectic and definitely sleep depriving. Number 4 came along amidst the time of my dad having a bleed to his brain and having to go run his business that was all controlled in his head and he couldn’t talk. Number 5 came after that making it 5 kids in 7 years. My chiropractor invited me to learn kinesiology at this point with his staff. I loved it and it helped me to feel more confident in recommending what I was treating and suggesting for nutrients.


I learned Chiropractic Ecology from Robert Peacock. We used vials of toxins and nutrients along with kinesiology to ask what was affecting the different systems in the body.While learning this tool, Rob Peacock mentioned the stress component was important. He mentioned Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). It took me till after baby number 6 (the first girl) before I could get to learn this technique.


It was a life changer.


Basically you could ask about your shoulder pain and whether it was stress, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, the structure of your body or parasites. We delved into the Ileo-cecal valve and how parasites and the KGB (kidney, gall bladder and bladder) and the APES (allergies, parasites, emotions and structure could play a role in our gut dysfunction.


So another baby boy (number 7) comes along and Simone my sister is now fully qualified as a chiropractor and treats my patients while I have time off.


I keep learning more about energy pathways and hormones from Chris Astill-Smith from the UK. Eventually I get invited to Calyco Healing now called Simply Healed. I love this way of clearing energy. One friend described it as NET on steroids. I want to teach this method but the option isn’t available at that moment.


The next part of the story came from being introduced to essential oils. I didn’t understand the power of them till I muscle tested which ones to use for my son who had a work injury that also affected his happiness. I snuck the oils on his pillow when he was out. He said he never knew but after a few days he allowed me to use them on him. They helped him go from totally unable to communicate with us to be at least able to go out with his family and be sociable.


I then began using them in clinic to help shift the stuck emotions in our body and to help us be healthier and happier. They work well for pain and inflammatory conditions as well.


I got invited to a clarity call with Tera Maxwell and do a Tele Summit called Your body. Your mind. Your power.I interview 22 people and have it aired online.I’m invited to Italy with my other business coach, Kushla Chadwick. I say yes, but then have to find the funds to go. So I write a manual and teach my first course of Energy Workz. I loved doing this and empowering women to help their families and friends.


Now I’m coaching in Pave Your Way. There is a retreat and ongoing coaching and support to help women transfer into a business they love.


For me I really want you to operate at your highest level. I want you to fulfill your potential. I will use all the tools I have to help you claim your best health and happiness. The tools I use are chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, ligament and tendon friction, trigger points, acupuncture, NET, energy work, nutrition, homeopathic remedies and essential oils. I use what works for your body. I use your muscles to talk with your body.


It absolutely makes my day when you can move freely, enjoy happiness, feel great in your skin, and just be the real you.


You may have come to A1 Health with a pain in your body. But I really want you to learn about your health and empower not only you, your whole family, as well in claiming your own A1 Health.

Dr Simone Bosman is an experienced chiropractor with over 13 years of clinical experience. 


She uses a holistic approach when addressing pain and imbalance in the body. She understands that diet and stress are just as important to address as the musculoskeletal system. She uses modalities such as sacro-occipital techniques, deep facial releases, acupuncture, kinesiology, naturopathy and homeopathy. 


A major focus in her treatment plan will be on your diet as this plays a major role in your gut health. Your gut has major implications on your immune system, your energy, hormone balance, disease prevention and silent inflammation, manifesting as an inability to heal. She is particularly interested in coaching patients with stomach, allergy and bowel issues.


Simone has a passion for psychology and loves to work with her patients through their stress in life situations and events. She uses a technique NET to locate and eliminate emotional blockages that may be showing up as dis-ease in your body or body functions.


Simone also works on alignment of your body and uses her skills to locate imbalance and tension built up in the muscles and joints. She understands that everybody’s comforts and needs are different. She is gentle and suited to all ages and is skilled in gentle techniques like activator and SOT.

Simone is a big advocate for correcting postural imbalance as this can affect so many body systems and in particular your energy. Exercise and rehabilitation of problematic postures is essential for good health and function. She has a very practical way of dealing with your health issue and provides a lot of support in a caring and gentle manner. You will quickly see how dedicated and passionate she is in supporting you in achieving your health goals.

Sonia Nesci - Dip RM , Yoga Teacher 200hr + , Cert IV Fitness


Sonia holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage.   Offering massage treatments with a holistic approach incorporating her understanding of the body (anatomy, physiology, movement patterns) and yoga therapy techniques (breath, relaxation and mindfulness).


As a Massage Therapist / Yoga instructor she is of the understanding that good health is about body, mind and breath connections. She services her clients with this philosophy, educates and inspires them to be their best. Understanding their actual and expected health and wellness goals. Assessing them and tailoring treatments in order for them to heal.  With the goal of empowering her clients to make better health and lifestyle choices.


“I always knew as a kid that I wanted to be a massage therapist. I naturally was inclined to treat my parents, family and friends to massage that encouraged them to feel better. It was 6 years ago that I acted on this dream, working in health and wellbeing full time. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have found my true purpose and love what I do.”

Dr Nafisha initially became a chiropractor after witnessing what a chiropractor did for her.

“As a teenager I would always get migraines and this continued to worsen when I studied Medical Science at University. After doing some research I decided to see a chiropractor. After a few visits to the chiropractor, the migraines came less often and I felt so much better. It was then I knew exactly what I wanted to do after completing Medical Science degree. Seeing a chiropractor helped me so much that I
decided to become a chiropractor myself! ”

Dr. Nafisha Anwar loves helping her patients regain the confidence in their bodies and get back to doing activities they once enjoyed or helping them perform activities that they thought were never possible. She believes in looking at the body in a holistic manner. She uses a range of manual techniques, soft tissue work and rehabilitation.

Dr. Nafisha has a special interest in sports chiropractic and family care. “As a child I was always active and participated in sports including taekwondo, rugby and cricket.” She is a qualified NRL sports trainer and works closely with the St George Junior Rugby League Team. She helps with the management and prevention of injuries and attends to on field first aid. She has also treated at many sporting events such as theCity2Surf, Koori Cup and Sydney Fitness Show. 

She has completed various courses including Rock tape, Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (ICCSP) modules and is currently looking at completing her dry needling course. She believes the key to good health is through regular maintenance of chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition.

Nafisha specialises in:

  • Chiropractic
  • Sports Medicine
  • Taping
  • Soft tissue work (sports massage, trigger point therapy, electro physiotherapy - TENS
  • Has a current First Aid Certificate, CPR and working with children certificate 


Availability: Monday, Thursday and 2nd and 4th Saturday.